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  • soniccube

    Sound Designer + Arranschör

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Heartbeat - Audio Driven After Effects Intro Template

Download Link : http://videohive.net/item/audio-driven-heartbeat-template/164173?ref=soniccube

Like my “Audio Driven Glass Text” template, it’s not only a Project, it’s more like a addition to any of your existing / upcoming After Effects projects.

Build for ultimate flexibility, as everything has transparency and can be integrated into any other scene. Camera moves are only examples, and you can create your very own, just by animating your cam ( my moves are included in the project ). Colors and extrusion depth are adjusted in seconds with only one slider. You can also add a .png or Illustrator file instead of text to create your transparent glass or solid 3D logo.

There are 2 AE project files included. One which needs Trapcode Particular for the heartrate display, and one which does not need any third party plug-ins which has the heartbeat as prerendered footage included. Color etc. can be adjusted in both versions the same way.

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